According to City of Boston, GPS is useless

Posted on Wednesday, August 15th 2012 at 11:50 a.m.

Uber is a service that marries car service to smartphone technology.  People can use the Uber app on their smartphone to order a car; their location is transmitted to the driver who arrives within minutes.  Once picked up, the fare is calculated via GPS, and the rider is emailed a copy of their route afterwards.  It seems designed to eliminate all the negative experiences of a cab service.

It is then confusing why the City of Boston has ordered Uber to cease and desist from providing its services, supposedly because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Division of Standards does not recognize GPS as a measurement system for commercial operations.  Shouldn’t the City be supportive of such an innovative move?  Or does it demonstrate how the City and Commonwealth continue to lag behind other cities and states in the US in adoption and promotion of technology?

I hope that Uber can quickly resolve this matter and help bring car service into the 21st century in Boston.

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