Anonymous hacks BART in spite of proactive respsone

Posted on Monday, August 15th 2011 at 12:05 p.m.

Last week Anonymous threatened to hack the website of BART , the San Francisco area transit authority in conjunction with planned protests over a shooting of a civilian by BART police.  In order to head off protests, BART authorities blocked cell phone service within a number of stations.  With news stories flying about how London rioters used SMS to coordinate/track looting, officials may have been concerned a protest would devolve rapidly.

Anonymous simply delayed their activity and defaced the BART site Sunday , as well as releasing BART user information from an insecure database.  They followed that up with a defacement on a website operated by the California Office of Traffic Safety.  Wheras previous efforts have resulted in outright shutdown due to DDOS attacks, these actions were marked only by (rather subtle for Anon’s standards) defacements.

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