Charges filed in iPhone leak; Gizmodo walks

Posted on Thursday, August 11th 2011 at 11:29 a.m.

Last year I railed against the iPhone4 leak controversy, specifically Gizmodo’s shady tactics and the general stench that surrounded the company.

Yesterday Ars Technica reported that charges have been filed against two individuals who stole the prototype from the engineer who left it at a bar.  However, no charges were filed against Jason Chen or Gizmodo for receipt of stolen property - presumably because Gizmodo and their Gawker parent company have oodles of money with which to fight any charges while the two individuals don’t.  I can understand the District Attorney’s reluctance to fight a losing battle but I fear this will just embolden Gizmodo/Gawker to follow a similar path in the future.

FOLLOWUP: All Things Digital’s John Paczkowski points out that in an interview last year Steve Jobs stated that he would rather quit than let Gizmodo “slide” on their role in the leak.

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