Comcast-funded nonprofit sees funding pulled, reinstated

Posted on Friday, May 20th 2011 at 4:37 p.m.

A Washington nonprofit ReelGrrls saw Comcast threaten to pull its funding after making a negative comment on Twitter about Comcast’s hiring of a former FCC commissioner  .

After the tweet, Comcast VP of Communications Steve Kipp emailed the group saying Comcast “cannot in good conscience continue to provide [ReelGrrls] with funding—especially when there are so many other deserving nonprofits in town,” given that “[ReelGrrls] is shaming us on Twitter.”

Comcast HQ quickly backpedaled, claiming Kipp’s actions were not authorized by the company, but one has to wonder if Kipp’s action will have a chilling effect on anyone else who receives funding from Comcast and/or Universal.

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