E3: Nintendo press conference notes

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th 2012 at 1:45 a.m.

So Nintendo did their conference today and focused mainly on Wii U with some minor talks about upcoming Nintendo 3DS games.  Read on to see the press conference notes.

E3 conference can be watched here as of now.  If not Google it and someone else is probably hosting it:

Wii U Information ( More info available here  )

Wii U

  • Wii U is dedicated and doesn’t require a TV to play games
  • Wii U gamepad will be a second screen for the Wii U
  • Netflix, Hulu Plus, Youtube, Amazon Video will be available
  • Asymmetric gameplay is the term for double screen gameplay (for those who are wondering or having trouble sleeping at night)
  • Wii U hardware will support 2 separate Wii U gamepads simultaneously
  • Gamepad will include a stylus, 1 digital pad, 2 analog sticks, 2 trigger buttons (ZL/ZR), 2 shoulder buttons (L/R), 4 face buttons (A, B, X, Y), rumble feature, infrared transceiver, headphone jack, stereo speakers (w/ volume control), accelerometer, gyroscope, built-in camera and microphone, Home button (suspend game), NFC reader, AC adapter (rechargable), and Start/Select buttons


  • Social gathering spot for gaming friends (in Mii form)
  • MiiVerse is considered the “Main Street” on the Wii U
  • Share in-game screen images and scores with your friends
  • Internet browser based so it will be available on 3DS, PC, smart phones, etc.

Wii U Games

Pikmin 3

  • Game is in HD and is gorgeous
  • A new rock Pikmin that will break different objects is introduced
  • Supports Wii remote and nunchuck, Wii motion plus, and Wii U controller
  • Wii U controller will handle the map and allow you to control the camera
  • You can also control and play the game entirely with the Wii U gamepad
  • There are 4 heroes in the game (no Captain Olimar (it’s a secret according to Miyamoto)) and the game supports multiplayer
  • Challenge mode - Collect as much fruit as you can in a set timeframe.  After you’re done you can watch a video of your playthrough

New Super Mario Bros. U

  • Will feature MiiVerse functionality
  • Hidden areas and level discussions will appear on the map (I wonder how they will stop spoilers)
  • New floating suit in the game
  • 4-player multiplayer (5th player can place blocks on the Wii U gamepad screen to help… they didn’t explain this thoroughly)
  • Yoshi is back!
  • Can be played personally on Wii U controller

Batman Arkham City (Armored Edition)

  • Gadgets are selectable on Wii U gamepad
  • BAT meter can be activated and allow for more damage
  • Remote control batarang will be controlled by Wii U gamepad
  • Can set off explosive gel one at a time or all at the same time with Wii U gamepad

Scribblenauts Unlimited

  • Create your own objects, name them, and share them with your friends
  • All new multiplayer mode

Wii Fit U

  • Supports Wii balance board and Wii U controller with all new calorie burning games
  • Can upload running sessions with pedometer sync
  • Can be played on Wii U controller (of course)

SiNG (working title)

  • FreeStyleGames is the creator
  • Wii U gamepad displays lyrics
  • Face your friends, instead of the TV (pretty much party karaoke)

LEGO City Undercover

  • Open world LEGO game (imagine a friendly GTA)
  • Solve crimes/missions using the Wii U gamepad
  • Go undercover with multiple disguises
  • A different version of the game will also be coming to 3DS

Ubisoft Games

  • Just Dance 4 - Can change the choreography using Wii U gamepad
  • ZombiU - One bite and you’re dead. Manage inventory, scan for enemies, snipe, break free from enemies, and hack doors on Wii U gamepad (rated M for mature).  You can also zombifiy your face
  • See more games here (from Ubisoft conference)

Nintendo Land

  • Your Mii visits a Nintendo themed amusement park
  • Multiplayer attractions featuring worlds from Zelda, Animal Crossing, Donkey Kong, and Luigi’s Mansion as well as several others
  • MiiVerse will allow friends to visit NintendoLand and play games together
  • Wii U gamepad player will have different objectives than Wii remote players
  • Seems to have minigames similiar to what you may find in Mario Party
  • Nintendo states this game is the “Wii Sports” for Wii U and will launch with the system

Wii U Teaser Trailers Shown

  • Darksiders II (THQ)
  • Mass Effect 3 (EA)
  • Tank! Tank! Tank! (Namco Bandai)
  • TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 (Namco Bandai) (featuring Mario mushroom in video)
  • Trine 2: Director’s Cut (Frozenbyte Oy)
  • Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge (Nintendo)
  • Aliens Colonial Marines (Sega)

Wednesday (6/6) at 9PM EST more new 3DS games will be revealed ( http://e3.nintendo.com ) .  UPDATE: Coverage for that conference can be found here  .

New Super Mario Bros. 2

  • Game features A TON of gold coins
  • Racoon tail and flying from Super Mario Bros. 3 is back
  • Game will be released on August 19, 2012

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

  • Stickers are collectable and they will become the attacks.  You peel them off the environments
  • Will be sold physically and digitally holiday 2012

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

  • New ghosts and missions-based adventure
  • Launches holiday 2012

3DS Teaser Trailers Shown

  • Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate (Konami)
  • Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (Disney Interactive Studios)
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited (Warner Bros.)
  • Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (Square Enix)
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