Facebook Privacy Monday

Posted on Tuesday, May 18th 2010 at 12:30 a.m.

A friend of mine recently posted an update to Facebook saying ” Mondays have become “Let’s see what facebook has done to eliminate my privacy” days. Check your Application settings, review which information is being shared outside your network. Check authorized applications, uncheck Ads and Pages. ”


We’ve ripped on Facebook’s privacy policies before , although I have to admit that ripping Facebook for not caring about its users’ privacy is a little like ripping on Tiger Woods for being unfaithful - it’s just kind of been done.

Nevertheless, I feel compelled to pass along a great infographic from the New York Times detailing just how complicated it is to remove yourself from Facebook’s tendency to spread your personal information hither and yon like a fourth-grade school gossip.

Courtesy of my friend Doug Perry I also came across a good tool for monitoring exactly what Facebook is trying to share about you and how to fix it.

Finally if you’re hoping something comes along to kick Facebook to the curb the way Facebook did to MySpace, there’s Diaspora .  Whille it’s currently in alpha-alpha-alpha stage, it promises to provide the social networking promise of Facebook with none of its privacy-degrading sleaze.

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