G4 cancelling X-Play and AOTS

Posted on Sunday, October 28th 2012 at 10:01 p.m.

In an attempt to classy up their programming, and I can only assume making more room for Cops and Campus PD episodes of course since those shows are not on clearly enough, G4 will be cancelling Attack of the Show and X-Play at the end of the year .  This is part of a rebranding project that G4 is expecting to partner with either Esquire or GQ and rename the channel “G4Men” (not final).  No other programming changes have been announced as of this point, but seeing how X-Play and AOTS were the only two shows (in additional to Ninja Warrior) that I would watch on G4 anyway, this is highly disturbing.

Most of the people already abandoned these shows anyway (Kevin Pereira, Adam Sessler, Olivia Munn, etc) so maybe it is for the best that these shows are taken off the air.  Regardless, I’m intrigued these shows would be removed and let’s see how they “classy” up the channel in the future.  If they remove these and keep Cops on then they need to have their heads examined.

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