Gamer's Corner: The Wonderful World of eSports

Posted on Wednesday, January 17th 2018 at 5:41 p.m.
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So eSports have become a large draw for many gamers. As seen in an earlier Gamer’s Corner, Let’s Plays are quite large and watching other people play video games has gotten to be a huge moneymaking industry. So large in fact that there are competitive leagues called eSports that involve some pretty popular video games and some decent sized payouts. Some people even make a living off their eSports salaries/winnings through their various sponsorships. Some colleges even provide scholarships now for eSports teams/players.

On Twitch, for June 2017, the most watched eSport titles were:

  • 1.League of Legends
  • 2.Dota 2
  • 3.Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • 4.Hearthstone
  • 5.Rocket League
  • 6.Heroes of the Storm
  • 7.Overwatch
  • 8.StarCraft II
  • 9.Smite
  • 10.Super Smash Bros. Melee

To give you a thought into the size of some of these payouts, the last major Counter-Strike: GO tournament paid out a grand prize of $500,000. The total prize pool for Dota 2’s International tournament 2016 was $20,770,640. You can see how people can make a living off of gaming now and the Dota 2 players are among the richest in all of eSports. Also, according to a recent Forbes article, eSports are currently in 196 different countries.

eSports are so large right now that even Patriots owner Robert Kraft has invested ~$20 million in an Overwatch eSports team. He cited that millennials’ interest in watching actual sports is waning and that eSports is the wave of the future. Activision Blizzard also bought Major League Gaming for $46 million and ESPN now covers eSports on their websites and TV channels.

If you think about it, the sports you see on TV today are pretty stagnant. There really are not any big tournaments for new sports popping up these days. UFC has gotten fairly big but there really haven’t been any major changes in the big sports tournaments. eSports, however, provide the ability to add new games faster than new sports will ultimately take off. Games like Rocket League and Overwatch are definitely proof of that. The future for eSports is pretty bright, so don’t be surprised if the Super Bowl of eSports becomes a massively televised event in the future…

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