Google announces Project Glass

Posted on Thursday, April 5th 2012 at 1:07 a.m.

Internets, prepare for the future.  Google just announced their latest endeavor codenamed “Project Glass” .  Project Glass is a wearable HUD that handles many functions through text-to-speech that you typically need to perform yourself and does it all hands-free.  You can (theoretically) check into a location, get directions to a location, post reminders, post status updates to your favorite social media site, reply to messages, perform and share video chats, and many more features.  However, Project Glass is not ready for release and they are currently prototyping the technology.  Heck they aren’t even sure yet what features people actually want and are soliciting feedback  .

Google released a video to demonstrate the potential applications for this technology (posted at the end of the article).  It does make you wonder how effective the final technology will be.  Text-to-speech can be shaky sometimes when you have a noisy location so I’m not sure how accurate this technology will be.  However, I am very intrigued and happy that Google is always looking towards the future.  Let’s just hope Project Glass never becomes self aware… we all know how Skynet turns out.  Also, there is no price currently on the x-ray vision add-on which I’m sure will be a popular app for this new technology… </joke>

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