Honestly Sony what the hell is wrong with you?

Posted on Sunday, June 5th 2011 at midnight

I used to really like Sony as a company.

My Walkman took the interminable commutes I had in high school and university and made them bearable. The second CD player I owned was a Sony. The first “next generation” console (one using disc media instead of cartridge) I owned was a Sony Playstation, and when the PS2 came out I bought it on launch day, soon after buying a Sony Wega TV to play it on.

But the past few years, maybe even the last decade, Sony seems to be doing its best to ruin any consumer good feeling and scare everyone away from their products.

The Sony hack-a-palooza is the latest and perhaps the most ignoble of a series of failures on Sony’s part. Others include

These issues are compounded by the fact that Sony, as a member of the MPAA , is working to cripple the digital world by lobbying to get all sorts of anti-piracy legislation passed around the world.

Sony used to be a company that built high-quality electronics and led the games industry in the depth and breadth of its console game offerings. Now they just seem like an electronics version of an American car company, running out of feet to shoot itself in.

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