How to unlock the Warthog in Forza 4

Posted on Friday, October 21st 2011 at 3:02 a.m.

I wrote with glee earlier about how the Warthog from Halo  would be an easter egg in Forza 4.   But if you’re impatient, read on to see how you can unlock the Warthog courtesy of the guys at Achievement Hunter  .

Regrettably the Warthog is not driveable, mainly because the programmers at Turn 10 would probably have an aneurism figuring out how to set up the physics of it.  It is available as a viewable vehicle in Forza’s  super-realistic Autovista feature, and Autovista is the key to unlocking the Warthog.

When you first start playing Forza  there are a few cars that are available to be viewed in Autovista, and a number of other cars that have to be unlocked before they can be viewed.  The process to unlock a car varies from vehicle to vehicle, but normally boils down to one of three challenges: finish first in a race, pass a certain number of cars in a race, or go car bowling (knocking over a number of pins on the Top Gear  test track.

Once you have completed all the challenges for all locked cars, the Warthog will appear as a vehicle in Autovista.  Wheras normally in Autovista you get a walk-through from Jeremy Clarkson, the Warthog walkthrough is narrated by Halo’s  own Cortana.  Enjoy!

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