Microsoft courts WebOS developers; overwhelming response

Posted on Tuesday, August 23rd 2011 at 3:26 p.m.

With HP’s announcement that they were exiting the tablet and PC markets, numerous developers for its WebOS platform were left in the lurch.

Now Microsoft has decided to try to get some of that brain power developing for Windows Mobile , offering free phones, developer tools, and training to any interested WebOS developers.  This is part of an aggressive program by Microsoft’s Brandon Watson to promote Windows Mobile, including offering a phone to Dilbert creator Scott Adams and trying to recruit iPhone jailbreaker George “geohot” Hotz.

The response by WebOS developers to the offer has been overwhelming , and if Microsoft plays its cards right it could end up with a very talented dev team that will make Windows Mobile shine.  It’s interesting to watch Microsoft’s changes since Bill Gates left day-to-day operations, and whenever a big company takes innovative steps and behaves more like a small company the results are usually good.

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