Netflix has little regard for ISP's bandwidth claims

Posted on Thursday, March 1st 2012 at 2:34 p.m.

CNET is reporting that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings is taking issue with Comcast’s recent claims that the media streaming service puts pressure on ISP’s.

At the Morgan Stanley Technology Media and Telecom conference, Hastings stated “That 92 percent Comcast operating margin is really under a lot of pressure…. There is no financial pressure on ISP’s.  They are making a fortune.”

The statement comes as Comcast is attempting to charge Netflix’s delivery network Level3 for Netflix’s traffic.  As Comcast has recently launched its own media streaming service, the move is seen as anticompetitive.

Since Comcast is a major ISP in LGOD country, the dispute could soon impact how much (or little) streaming media will be available to us in the future. Maybe people will find alternate methods for viewing the content they want to see.

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