New England politicians starting to pull SOPA/PIPA support

Posted on Friday, January 20th 2012 at 12:43 a.m.

Two days ago I wrote a summary on pending anti-piracy legislation being brought before Congress.  Yesterday many internet sites blacked out in protest and citizens were contacting their representatives to register their disapproval to the legislation.

Several New England politicians who had previously co-sponsored either SOPA or PIPA are now starting to say, via Twitter or their staff, that they now oppose the legislation as currently written , including New Hampshire’s Kelly Ayotte and Connecticut’s Richard Blumenthal.  According to OpenCongress the politicians above are still listed in congressional records as sponsors, but that may change as Congress comes back into session.  New Hampshire’s Jeanne Shaheen is reconsidering support, according to staff.  We recommend continuing pressure on these representatives until their sponsorship is removed from the bill completely.

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