Nintendo to release defective line of amiibos

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st 2015 at 7:06 a.m.

In an genius move to appease the stockholders, and Nintendo’s bottom line of course, Nintendo has decided to release a defective amiibo line.  With defective amiibos selling for hundreds to thousands of dollars on the popular auction site eBay, Nintendo has realized that they are losing loads of money that they could be using to strengthen their core businesses.

The horror!

With amiibo like the famous double blaster Samus, Shakespearean Bowser, or legless Peach, Nintendo is missing out an excessive amount of money that they can get just by having the factory break a couple toys on the assembly line.

You can expect these defective amiibo to show up in waves and they will be sold through a mysterious username on eBay so Nintendo can secretly profit without charging the MSRP for the amiibos.

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