Oh Microsoft, you are such a tease.

Posted on Friday, July 30th 2010 at 9:31 p.m.

Once again, Steve Ballmer steps forward to remind us of how out of touch Microsoft is with the world when it comes to consumer electronics.  In Microsoft’s most recent annual meeting, Ballmer reassured the crowd that Microsoft is going to release a tablet PC in the future .   And he would be hard pressed to be anymore vague on the date .  Let me make this clear, I do not like Steve Ballmer. Every time I see him step up onto a stage to talk, I shudder.  I find it hard to explain my distaste for the man, but I am tempted to write an article just to lay it out.  Anyone who has been reading my posts knows that I am not a fan of Steve Jobs, but if I was stuck on a deserted island and had to choose one of these two to be my fellow castaway…Steve Jobs it is in a heartbeat.  Ballmer would just have to get swimming.  It is so tempting to keep making comments. Let me move on.

I wish Microsoft would stay away from consumer electronics (except for Xbox, of course) and just stick to software.  Outside of their game systems, they cannot seem to get it right.  Need a recent example?  Well, allow me to introduce to you…the Kin .  So when I hear Microsoft mentioning that they are making a Windows 7 tablet version, I could not care less.  They are already behind the curve and they have not even got out of the gate.  Apple and Google are leading the way and I cannot see, or really want, Microsoft to catch up.  But we will see what, if anything comes of these comments and loose commitments.

One more rant and I will stop.   Ballmer commented, with regards to the iPad, that Apple has “done an interesting job” and even said that Apple has sold more of the devices than he would like.  First of all…“an interesting job”?  Can you be any more in denial and out of touch with reality?  Well, yes I guess you can, but still…  Apple has done a phenomenal job with the iPad! They saw a void in the market and filled it with a great device.  All Microsoft has done is attempt to fill the void with big words, empty promises and pomp.  And second, saying that Apple has sold more devices than he would like is down right tacky.  Way to sound like a whiny sore loser Ballmer.  And also, good job on keeping the whole Apple vs. Microsoft fight fueled and alive.  I so do not like that guy.

All done.

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