Phil Fish, the king of bad PR

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd 2013 at 10:10 a.m.

Phil Fish has a history of pissing people off. He makes inflammatory statements on Twitter, on forums and in movies. He is the egotistical artist who labors for years to put together his art and deliver it to the public, only to criticize those who actually support it. I can picture him standing in the art gallery, arms folded with cigarette in hand with the most arrogant and sniveling accent, “You like zis? You like ZIS?! You do not deserve it. You are a fool for even looking at it. It is my most beautiful piece. Thank you.” He will take your sale, and thank you heartily for it. You will stand there shamed and confused. But you know the art is wonderful and you will not regret owning it, though you may regret engaging with its creator.

And so it goes that FEZ, available on Steam and GOG May 1st, is embroiled in 30+ page threads of people arguing whether or not to even buy this game they have waited years for. Before FEZ was announced for PCs, Phil was quoted as saying, “It’s a console game. For consoles. PCs are for spreadsheets.” He essentially said that there would be no PC or Mac port for FEZ and FEZ is certainly no spreadsheet. But here we are, a week from launch with most of the internet rage quieted down and Phil simply could not help himself. He decides to start a thread on the Steam forums:

it’s #1 on steam right now and it’s not even out yet.

you should boycott harder, nerds.


edit: thanks for an amazing first day on steam! we’re all amazed by the reaction so far! we’re going to need some kind of spreadsheet calculator to keep track of all these sales!

Not particularly endearing, but certainly schizophrenic as is his nature. Imagine stumbling upon this thread with no knowledge of past events or of Phil’s demeanor. I understand he lives and dies by his hyperbole and it’s what makes him Phil Fish. It is, however, very damaging to potential new customers who want to experience his work (by paying him real money) and deserve to be treated like the paying fans they are.  Phil has been known to take year long breaks from Twitter, but you can following his vitriolic antics here. And of course you can pre-order FEZ you hipster:

@PHIL_FISH - pre-order FEZ on steam or GOG and save 1 stupid, pretentious, hipster dollar!

You can also get FEZ on XBLA.

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