Preview of Paul Allen's upcoming memoir

Posted on Wednesday, March 30th 2011 at 3:53 p.m.

Vanity fair released a preview of Paul Allen’s upcoming memoir Idea Man and GeekWire has their impressions on the preview  .

Saying “Paul Allen is an interesting man” is like saying “Charlie Sheen might be a little unbalanced.”  Allen rose to fame and wealth as the Wozniak to Bill Gates’ Jobs, got Hodgkin’s lymphoma, left Microsoft (but kept a fair amount of his equity), founded the Experience Music Project, bought NFL and NBA franchises, invested in spaceflight, and sued the internet for patent infringement.

The Vanity Fair excerpt features an abridged version of Allen’s childhood in suburban Seattle through his meeting of Bill Gates, the founding of Microsoft, and Allen’s eventual departure from day-to-day Microsoft operations.  He seeks to correct the impression that he was a bystander to Microsoft’s success.  He does not pull pull any punches when it comes to Bill Gates or Steve Ballmer, a fact that apparently has caused some ripples .  From the excerpt it appears the book will give an interesting insight into one of technology’s richest men.

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