Review Roundup: Journey

Posted on Thursday, March 22nd 2012 at 6:37 p.m.

Journey is a brand new downloadable game for the PS3 and the third game from thatgamecompany, who previously produced flOw and Flower. Journey is more a creative exploration and emotional experience than a game, despite being a completely interactive experience with gaming elements.

You take on the role of a traveller heading towards the light at the top of a distant mountain. You walk, jump, glide, chirp and ‘ski’ across the desert to reach your goal, with random companions helping or joining along the way. The game is very short and does not necessarily lend itself to numerous playthroughs but if you enjoy a more emotional storytelling experience with game-like trappings and enjoyed the previous offerings from thatgamecompany I highly encourage you to pick this up. Even Jim Sterling likes it….

Jim Sterling at Destructoid trudges on (9.0/10): “Its greatest achievement, however, is showing the world exactly how to make a piece of interactive art that is both compelling and fun, without compromising any one element.”

Alex Navarro at Giant Bomb needs a longer scarf (5/5): “Journey, the latest game from indie development studio thatgamecompany, is certainly a game that offers up aesthetic beauty, both in its visuals and score.”

Jordan Mallory at Joystiq never travels alone (5/5): “A big part of what makes Journey so emotionally powerful is how concise and delicately metered the narrative is, although I expect Journey’s plot arc often to be interpreted asbrief, rather than brilliant. “

Please support more games like this if you can. If you dug this, you might also go check out Dear Esther on Steam.

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