Review Roundup: Heroes of Ruin 3DS

Posted on Monday, July 2nd 2012 at 12:13 a.m.

Heroes of Ruin is slated to arrive mid-July for the Nintendo 3DS.  I demoed it at PAX and thought the game was “ok” but let’s hear what some of the reviews are saying.

Nintendo Life’s Thomas Whitehead thought it was a heroic effort (8/10).  ” A short campaign is offset by four separate characters to develop, and the experience feels entirely suitable for a fully-tooled handheld action RPG. It’s the online structure that truly raises the bar for the platform; crawling through dungeons is a lot more fun with others to share the glory, and the inclusion of voice chat in particular is a highlight.”

Chris Schilling at IGN thought the game was just “good” (7/10).  “It’s not quite as nourishing as it could be, however. There’s never any real need for team tactics given the regularity with which the game showers you with new items and healing potions. The desire to provide players with immediate gratification and to keep teams alive results in a difficulty curve that’s far too gentle. Even the end-of-dungeon bosses can fall quickly to a squad doing little more than collectively jabbing the standard attack button over and over.”

Kyle Hilliard at Game Informer had a couple gripes with the handheld game (6/10).  “Heroes of Ruin is a functional lootfest, but its poor economics balancing, uninteresting weapons, and boring combat don’t do it any favors. It’s like listening to a terrible band cover your favorite song. All the musicians are holding the right instruments, but it just doesn’t quite come together.”

Edge Magazine feels like the game lacks challenge but is addicting (6/10).  ” Heroes Of Ruin is just too easy for multiplayer to feel absolutely necessary. Fortunately, however, despite its reheated fantasy trappings and formulaic design principles, it also remains surprisingly easy to get hooked on the steady dopamine hit of each fresh loot acquisition and the rhythm of the game’s combat pulse.”

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