Review Roundup: Kingdom Hearts 3D (Dream Drop Distance)

Posted on Wednesday, August 1st 2012 at 11:32 a.m.

So the latest in the Disney/Square Enix saga Kingdom Hearts was released recently for 3DS.  Let’s see how it is doing for reviews and let’s see if anyone hates it because it isn’t Kingdom Hearts 3 yet.  I personally am picking up the game today as I cannot get enough keyblade swinging on the go.

Katy Ellis over at NintendoLife thought KH: 3D was a good-looking, solid game (7/10).  “One of the biggest grievances is that there are simply too many random encounters. Every time you pass through an area the same horde of neon Dream Eaters will attack you, no matter how many times you knock them down and out. Because of this, you end up rushing through the game in order to avoid all of the random encounters, and fail to fully explore the environments, thus missing many of the hidden treasures. This is worsened by the fact that there’re only a few worlds in comparison to previous Kingdom Hearts games.”

Audrey Drake at IGN enjoyed KH: 3D even despite its problems (8.5/10).  “Although the platforming is far from fluid and the story can feel convoluted at times, when KH3D soars, it soars high - capturing that KH magic that has propelled the series to great success for a decade now. Dream Drop Distance captures the quality of the console releases, but in bite-sized chunks fit for a portable, and successfully whisks players away to the world of Disney films like Hunchback of Notre Dame, Pinocchio, Tron: Legacy and more… With the excellent additions of Flowmotion combat and the Drop system, this may be the best portable entry in the series to date.”

Jason Schreier from Kotaku thought the game wasn’t perfect but couldn’t help recommending it (no score).  “Although it’s hard not to miss Donald and Goofy—or, for that matter, party members who can actually talk—it’s easy to ignore the inevitably incomprehensible story (and even skip cut-scenes) in favor of whacking your way through lovely Disnified worlds. Dream Drop Distance isn’t a great game. Nor would it earn a particularly high ranking on my list of “video games you must play in your lifetime” (which, of course, starts with Suikoden II ). But it sure is fun.”

Leah Jackson at G4 claims KH: 3D is a must-have title (4.5/5).  “With its exciting combat mechanics, intricate Spirit system, and beautiful 3D graphics, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is definitely one of the best Kingdom Hearts experiences to date. Right up to the very end (which includes a secret ending) the game’s engaging and leaves Kingdom Hearts fans wondering what’s going to happen next in the series. And even with small things like the drop system occasionally hampering gameplay, after a few hours you’ll barely notice it at all and you’ll find ways to get right back in the action. As far as action RPGs go, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance isn’t one to be missed.”

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