Review Roundup Twisted Metal

Posted on Sunday, March 4th 2012 at 2:31 p.m.

Twisted Metal is one of Sony’s longest running franchises and has a rabid cult following that includes me. When this game was announced, I was quivering with delight. Now that I have it, my feelings are a little mixed, though for the most part I am enjoying it. Unlike the Mortal Kombat reboot where a fun single player campaign and story was pulled off nearly flawlessly (sorry), this campaign has me screaming and throwing joysticks like they don’t cost 60 dollars. But this is Twisted Metal with an amazing and deep online mode, which, is why you play Twisted Metal. You can battle online with up to 15 opponents in multiple game modes and the game delivers a great game experience while also offering up some delicious nostalgia through map design and included playable vehicles. My thoughts… if you want to have chaoctic car battles online, GET THIS. If you want an intriguing, engaging and fun single player car battle story, take a pass and go smash a PS2 controller. The other reviewers seem to echo my sentiments. Play the multiplayer and love it.

Jim Sterling at Destructoid arms the Stalker Missile (7.0/10.0): “Fortunately, Twisted Metal’s draw is not found in the campaign and its range of forced, unenjoyable game modes. My desire to kick the game’s Blu-ray into a river dissipated with extended time spent online.”

David Hinkle at Joystiq has a multiplayer SweetTooth (3.5/5): “While Twisted Metal can be more frustration than fun when playing alone, the good news is it’s still a blast to play with other human beings.”

Marty Silva at 1Up is not Mr. Grimm (B): “In the specific arenas where everything just clicks, Twisted Metal proves that it can still reign supreme over the genre it helped mold throughout the past few generations. “

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