Ridiculous Fishing Review

Posted on Monday, March 25th 2013 at 12:11 p.m.

I remember when I was a little boy and my dad would take me fishing. We would put on the Emperors Clothes and don our military helmets, gather plenty of ammo for our mini guns and made sure we had plenty of fuel for the chain saw. Ridiculous Fishing takes us all back to those more innocent times with beautiful pixel artwork on iOS.

This Vlambeer follow-up to Radical Fishing (flash game) delivers an addictive arcade style fishing game with wonderful visuals, odd humor and fish with hats. The objective is simple, if not initially counter-intuitive in that the goal of your initial cast is to avoid every fish possible until you reach the end of your line. As you reel that line in however, your goal is to catch almost every fish you can, avoiding those fish that will cost you money.


Catching (and eventually shooting) all those glorious fish will earn you cash which you can spend on upgrades for your line, your guns, your clothing and your chainsaw/fishhook. Some of the upgrades appear to be simply cosmetic, but many are necessary to advance through the various fishing areas and improve your equipment. You can also track the species of fish you have caught through the Fish-O-Pedia while your various exploits and upgrades are discussed on the in-game only Byrdr by your friends and followers.

There is a story arc that you can complete without actually completing the entire game. I have finished that arc and I have spent multiple hours searching for some of the more elusive fish and I am still loving the play, the artwork and the sound. This is a must have for anyone playing games on iOS (I played on an iPad Retina so mileage may vary on older iPads or iPhones). You will be holding your iPad/iPhone in front of you and tilting it furiously followed by vigorous tapping and swiping which may impact your public play decisions.

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