Rock Paper Scissors breaks down Fox's Bulletstorm vendetta

Posted on Wednesday, February 23rd 2011 at 12:15 p.m.

After I wrote a glowing recommendation about ArsTechnica’s work exploring the HBGary-Anonymous story, another website hits one out of the park when it comes to in-depth coverage.

Two weeks ago Justin wrote an examination of a FoxNews attack piece on the upcoming game “Bulletstorm.”  Justin did a great job dissecting the editorial’s many inaccuracies, and I think it was an excellent breakdown of the story that will satisfy people seeking to understand what all the fuss is about.

If you’re looking for a really exhaustive analysis, however, Gaming news site Rock Paper Shotgun has done a superb job of running this story down in incredible detail.

First was RPS’s initial response to the hitpiece, which did a great job of dissecting the many fallacies in the original piece.

Next was a breakdown on how Fox misquoted its sources , comparing quotes attributed to M2 Research’s Billy Pidgeon with the full text of the response provided to Fox.

RPS went to town analyzing the claims of “psychiatrist” Dr. Carole Lieberman that an increase in rapes can be attributed to sexual scenes in video games.

Then FoxNews published a second piece on Bulletstorm, audaciously attacking RPS for not being entirely truthful in their analysis (not linked because I don’t want to drive traffic to Fox).  RPS then responded with exactly what they had done to this point.

Finally they got a clarification from Jerry Weichman on his position.

I hope that RPS’s in-depth analysis can provide tools to gamers to respond when their chosen form of entertainment is attacked by those with a poor knowledge of the medium.  I hope this overview we’ve provided will be a helpful resource as well.


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