SMCNH Meeting - New Hampshire's social media movers and shakers

Posted on Thursday, November 11th 2010 at 3:25 a.m.

Sorry we didn’t get a chance to post about this in advance, but tonight I attended a meeting of the Social Media Club of New Hampshire .  As someone who doesn’t “work in the industry” I didn’t bring the same set of skills and interests to the table as most of the other attendees, but was happy to be present during a very lively discussion, led by Jason Boucher of Boucher Media.

The group was fairly diverse in my opinion across a number of categories - age, skill set, professional status, and how social media was of interest to them.  They were also very intelligent and thoughtful in what they talked about, and I’d have to say the discussion was refreshingly free of many of the social media and internet buzzwords that get thrown around so much nowadays.

The majority of the evening’s discussion centered around the overall mission of the group.  The club has been operating at various levels over the past year and has gone through some changes in leadership.  Social Media Club is a larger organization that is based in California and for SMCNH to continue to call itself “Social Media Club” they would need to provide dues to the “parent” organization.  That sparked a conversation around what SMC provided in return for its membership dues that the members could not get on their own.  That segued into a conversation about why people were in attendance at SMCNH and what they were hoping to get out of the regular meetings.

There was also significant conversation around the fact that SMCNH members want their organization to do charity work, using their various skills to give back to the NH community.  A “jam day” for the Nashua Food Bank was proposed but there were some concerns about whether the event would be too much of a drain on the resources of the members so early in the creation of the organization.

Before and after the event I got the chance to talk to some of the members and it’s clear that there are some very smart folks working very hard in many aspects of social media and the internet in the Granite State.

Tasty pizza was provided by William Hurd of Speaking Photography and The Duffy Agency rented the room.  Also four attendees (including yours truly) are participating in  Movember.

Some photos from the event are on my Flickr page.


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