Star Fox 64 3D review roundup

Posted on Monday, September 12th 2011 at 3:32 p.m.

Is it worth your time and money to do a barrell roll in 3D?  Read on to find out what reviewers are saying about the latest N64 remake on the 3DS.

IGN’s blogger turned reviewer, Audrey Drake, gave Star Fox 64 3D a 9/10 , stating “This impressive remake of Star Fox 64 manages to improve upon the original without compromising the magic that made it so memorable to begin with. It’s too bad the multiplayer doesn’t support online, because otherwise it’s the perfect remake of this classic title.”

Destructoid’s Jonathan Holmes gave it a 8.5/10 , stating “With multiple rewards for achievements and high scores, loads of secrets to unlock, and multiplayer that screams “One more game!”, it won’t be hard to convince yourself to replay this one again and again.”

NintendoLife’s Thomas Whitehead gave Star Fox 64 3D a 8/10 , and said this about the graphics and sounds: “In terms of presentation, Star Fox 64 3D is another strong indication of the console’s capabilities. The graphics have seen a significant overhaul, with some levels in particular standing out. The greatest triumph is the 3D; the effect is subtle enough to be easy on the eye while genuinely enhancing the experience, all with no noticeable drop in frame rate. This helps this title immensely, maintaining a silky smooth performance that allows the gameplay to shine. Sound is also of the highest order, the music in particular supplementing the action perfectly.”

Jostiq’s Griffin McElroy did a Deja Review of the game and had this to say: ” Star Fox 64 is still a hell of a lot of fun. It’s split-path campaign almost never plays out the same way twice, and its bevy of secret areas and unlockable medals — which can be conveniently nabbed in the new score attack mode — are as desirable as ever. It looks, sounds, and feels great on its new platform, and the 3DS’ portability (as well as a long overdue save state feature for the campaign) makes Star Fox 64 3D a tough game to put down.

It’s a thorough remake, but unfortunately, not a very surprising one. Fans of the original who spent their formative years repeatedly zooming through the Lylat System while chasing their friends’ hit records might find the game’s $39.99 price tag a tad unpalatable — especially since the original is on the Virtual Console for one-quarter of that cost. If you’ve got room in your heart for a few more trips to Venom, however, Star Fox 64 3D will not disappoint.”

Ars Technica’s Ben Kuchera gave an overview of the game in Opposable Thumbs and stated, “Even the 3D effect is used effectively—your lasers look as if they fly into the screen when you aim at the bad guys, and the tight corridors and obstacles that zoom around the levels look crisp and bright in full 3D. The game benefits greatly from the illusion of depth, and in many cases it even makes the game easier to play. You can also play the game using the gyroscopic controls, tilting the system to move your ship, but this means you have to turn the 3D off, and the motion controls remove precision in favor of gimmickry. I stuck with the standard controls.”

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