Steve Jobs' Last Hurrah!

Posted on Tuesday, October 4th 2011 at 2:44 a.m.

Apple is going to announce its next line of phones.  While most people have been watching the patent fight between Apple and Samsung, Apple has been working on something new for us, but what amounts to one of Steve Jobs old visions…

This latest set of products due out include iOS 5, the new iPhone 5 and one rumor of a new app to be integrated with iOS 5 and available for the latest hardware called Assistant.  Several years back I happened upon a video that is from circa 1987.  In this video there was a professor scheduling his day through an intelligent conversation with his tablet.  It would notify him of the messages he missed, and helped him gather information for a lecture he had later that day.  The noticeable difference from how we would perform these tasks today, is he never typed anything, he just spoke with his tablet as if having a conversation with an assistant.  The video was produced by Apple as a visionary look to the future.

Now, fast forward to today, and this recent video released with what might appear to be Apple’s latest leap in technology called, appropriately, Assistant.   In this video we see a demonstration of a similar technology  that allows a user to interact with their device via speaking to it.  The video looks impressive, and exciting, but it could just be another nice to have visionary video expressing an great idea, and without any real substance.  Or it could be the actual Assistant in action.

Either way we will find out what the last bit of legacy Steve Jobs will leave us with.  His reduced role means that all the magic that he has brought to Apple will now be brought to us by all of his lovely assistants who have been learning his craft.  I think it will take a product cycle or two to see just how well the new magicians have picked up their craft.

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