SwiftKey lets it snow for Droid users

Posted on Tuesday, December 24th 2013 at 11:08 a.m.

It doesn't look this fancy but still

SwiftKey is by far my favorite keyboard app on the Droid OS. It’s smart and it is cool with all the themes that come with it. Now add another theme to the mix called “Ice” which you can get if you go to the Google Play store on your phone and just update the app if you haven’t done so recently. You will be able to change your theme by opening the SwiftKey app on your phone and then choosing Theme & Layout. From there, you can then use the “Ice” theme.

In addition to the “Ice” theme, SwiftKey added a nice little Easter egg to the app. If you type in the words Hohoho anywhere while using the SwiftKey keyboard, and then LONG PRESS on the suggestion from SwiftKey, it will say “Let it snow!” and… it will snow on your phone! This only lasts while you have SwiftKey up, but it a nice holiday addition nonetheless.

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