TWEWY sequel pretty much confirmed

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st 2012 at 11:44 a.m.

Square-Enix hit a homerun when they released The Worlds Ends With You (TWEWY) for the Nintendo DS.  Not only were people longing for a new IP from Square-Enix, people wanted to play something that wasn’t another Final Fantasy remake and the team at Jupiter (makers of Kingdom Hearts) delivered one of, if not the best, RPGs the DS had to offer.  I challenge anyone to come back with a Google search for top RPGs, or top games, for the DS and not see TWEWY at the top of the list or at least in the top 5.  Go ahead… I’ll wait… :)

Well if you aren’t convinced, read the article and comments over at IGN to see for yourself why this game is such a cult classic… enough to put the cast of the game into the newest Kingdom Hearts before a Dragon Quest or other well-established RPG.  Also, a game is being teased currently by Square-Enix and based on the music and font of the countdown clock alone this has to be a TWEWY related game.  Head on over to the teaser site and listen to the music. The music is one of the reasons why TWEWY is one of the greatest RPGs of this generation.  A fusion of J-Pop and electronica that will stick in your head and get your head bobbing.  If you own a DS/3DS and you are a fan of RPGs, you owe it to yourself to get this game and play through it.  Here’s hoping the announcement is truly the sequel the faithful fans want and that it will be released for the 3DS.

I know we’ve posted about TWEWY sequel possibilities in the past and again when they put Neku & company in Kingdom Hearts 3D , but this time seems to be for real.  Stop teasing us Square-Enix and announce the sequel for 3DS already!  Stay tuned for an update when the countdown clock expires in just under 6 days.

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