UPDATED - China factory conditions follow-up: Protests Afoot, Hacks at FoxConn

Posted on Wednesday, February 8th 2012 at 10:38 p.m.

As a follow-up to the recent story regarding the working conditions in factories in China, Change.org and SumofUS.org are organizing global protests at select Apple locations. I certainly applaud the attention these stories are getting but I also want to remind everyone that Apple has simply become the face of the problem and by no means are the only offenders. The true issue is the developing countries and the politics that run them. This has happened before with clothing and other goods. As far as the public knows, those seemed to end happily. Let us hope the national media helps the cause and that this story stays in the news.

Update: It also appears that FoxConn has been hacked and most of the login:/password combos have been compromised and made available via bitTorrent. Read all about the continued use of ‘password1’   here.  Seriously, how does this happen…?

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