Was Obama administration responsible for Stuxnet release

Posted on Friday, June 1st 2012 at 6:01 p.m.

This New York Times article  suggests that the Obama administration, continuing the previous administration’s work already in progress, may have been responsible for the Stuxnet worm release onto the internet. According to the article, while using the worm to attack and interrupt the Iranian nuclear enrichment facilities, it escaped and became a threat on the world internet stage. If this story gains real media attention, it will be interesting to see the reactions. On one hand, you have a careless government who released a very dangerous virus/worm out onto the internet which could disrupt power grids and other key infrastructure facilities. On the other hand, this administration was savvy enough to use tech in such an interesting manner while avoiding an overt military strike on perceived dangerous activities. Sloppy tech is careless, but achieving the goal of slowing or stopping a nuclear threat without worldwide political repercussions or loss of life is very intriguing.

Matt Swenk     @mattswenk

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