Wii U Nintendo Direct message

Posted on Sunday, June 3rd 2012 at 10:44 p.m.

For those of you that missed the Nintendo Direct video that was just streamed by Nintendo you’re in luck.  You can find the details from the video below.  For those of you who saw the video, see a recap of the statements made by Iwata below as well.

Wii U gamepad changes:

  • Circle pad gone, new analog stick with click ability
  • Face buttons were slightly moved for more comfortable access to them
  • NFC (near-field communication) Reader/Writer area on left-hand side let’s you scan cards/figures
  • Basic TV remote control built into the system
  • Wii U controller is touchpad and you can use the stylus to draw
  • Motion/gyro sensor in the Wii U gamepad
  • 2 Triggers on back of Wii U gamepad
  • Example of using gamepad instead of TV: Wii Fit on the gamepad instead of the TV if someone else wants to use the TV

Wii U information:

  • Wii Remote, Wii Remote Nunchuck, and Wii Fit controllers (balance board) will be compatible
  • Wii U Pro Controller will be offered (Classic controller support was not confirmed, but not sure why it wouldn’t work)
  • Voice/video chatting
  • Internet browser will be available on the gamepad and can be sent to TV if needed (can be hidden with a curtain if you want to surprise the viewers with a video)
  • Videos/content can be “flicked” from the gamepad to the TV
  • E3 will show real gaming examples for the Wii U.  Not tech demos


  • Very internet based, single player games will be able to access Miiverse so “you don’t feel alone”
  • Miiverse will show games people are playing and converations taking place
  • No need to turn off a game to turn on Miiverse.  Can be accessed through Home button
  • Message board like capability to post questions on games
  • Hand-written notes and touch screen keyboard are ways to communicate
  • Miis can have added facial expressions when posting
  • Game content can be transferred through Miiverse (custom levels, etc)
  • Big surprise: Miiverse will be available on mobile phones, 3DS, PC, tablets in the future

E3 cannot arrive soon enough!

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