Wii U price/date revealed

Posted on Thursday, September 13th 2012 at 6:41 p.m.

The day you have all been waiting for has finally arrived.  The Wii U details have all been officially announced.  Nintendo held an online press conference today to give the price and release date details.  Read on for the news.

The Wii U will release on November 18, 2012 and will be available in 2 different configurations .  The Wii U will be available in a Deluxe version and a Basic version.  The features of each type are as follows:

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Version Nintendo Wii U Basic Version
Price $349.99 $299.99
Color Black White
Internal Storage Size 32 GB 8 GB
GamePad Included? Yes (Black) Yes (White)
Stylus Included? Yes Yes
Sensor Bar Included? Yes Yes
Console/GamePad AC Adapters Included? Yes Yes
HDMI Cable Included? Yes Yes
Nintendo Land Included? Yes No
Wii U GamePad Stand Included? Yes No
Wii U GamePad Cradle Included? Yes No
Wii U Console Stand Included? Yes No
Deluxe Digital Promotion Eligible?* Yes No

* : Consumers who purchase the Deluxe Set also will be enrolled in the Deluxe Digital Promotion, which lets Wii U owners receive points for each digital download and redeem those points for future downloadable content from the Nintendo eShop. The promotion is currently planned through 2014.

So there you have it.  The Deluxe Version I would guess will be the more popular version as it seems to be the best value for the money as it includes Nintendo Land (which is listed at $59.99 on Amazon ).  Also with 4x the storage and the GamePad/console stands, it seems like a no-brainer to go for the Deluxe Version in the end for the $50.  It is kind of weird that Nintendo is not offering a White Deluxe version and a Black Basic version but this might be all they can manufacture now.  I guess people should be happy they even get two colors at launch as it usually takes Nintendo a while to release a second color after the initial launch.

For a list of featured and announced games, head on over to Nintendo’s Wii U site  .

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