Will and Norm at Tested spend 45 minutes with the Oculus Rift

Posted on Monday, April 8th 2013 at 9:41 a.m.

Will and Norm from Tested join independent game developer Jeremy Williams to give one of the best demonstrations of the Oculus Rift to date.

As developer units are shipping to their eagerly awaiting owners, discussions surrounding the Rift are heating up on whether or not this will be the set of VR goggles that will help the technology get off the starting line and into our homes at a reasonable price. There have been a number of videos posted of journalists and bloggers flailing their heads about trying to describe their experiences, but none have offered such a high quality in-depth dissection of the features and performance as this. 

I am excited for this technology to hopefully, finally, break through to the mainstream. The headset seems to deliver on all promises, but it will be up to developers to leverage it. Immersive experiences with technology like this are awesome for games, but maybe moreso as learning tools for exploration and learning. 

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